What are some of the things we can do for you?


This is stuff that we regularly take care of for you

  • WP Core and plugin updates
  • Some kind of security/anti-hacking (we can source plugins for this)
  • Backups (for an additional cost)
  • Maybe some kind of performance/analytics stuff?

Tweaks/WP Changes

These are the little half hour things that we might do.

  • Install a new theme
  • Install and setup a new plugin
  • Install analytics
  • Review/fix performance
  • Change header image
  • Font changes
  • Colour changes
  • Add contact form
  • Set up caching
  • Check page size and load time
  • Clean up malware
  • Clean up spam
  • Configure a plugin
  • Create a child theme
  • Create backups
  • Fix your white screen of death
  • Fix issues after a WordPress core update
  • Help with templates
  • Improve your site security
  • Improve your site speed
  • Install a caching plugin
  • Install a comment system
  • Install a plugin
  • Install a favicon
  • Make changes to the header, sidebar, and other sections of the site
  • Optimize images
  • Prevent spam
  • Recommend a plugin
  • Recover a hacked site
  • Setup redirects
  • Solve alignment issues
  • Tweak your CSS
  • Update your theme

Content Entry

These are the little half hour things that we might do.

  • Add a sermon
  • Add an event
  • Add a blog post
  • Change page content

If you don’t see your task listed here, chat live with us below to ask if we can help you with your problem.

What is out of scope?

Most items related to WordPress are game - but limited to shorter, 30-minute tasks. Some general items not included are

  • Create designs. We may do simple edits to existing designs.
  • Most work regarding advanced search engine page ranking or other SEO requests.
  • Paid marketing.
  • Multisite support.
  • Extensive WordPress work. No, we can't create a new website for you.
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